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Store-Bought Whitening VS Professional Teeth Whitening

Store-Bought Whitening VS Professional Teeth Whitening

You may be considering whitening your teeth to brighten your smile, but remember not all whitening methods give the same results. Here's more from our Surrey dentist on the differences between at-home and professional whitening treatments. 

If your smile isn't as bright as it used to be, teeth whitening can be a fast and effective way to improve the overall appearance of your smile. 

When you are considering which whitening method is best for you, it's important to note that not all teeth whitening methods will give you the same results.

Store Bought Whitening Kits

A number of teeth whitening kits are readily available in stores.  Generally, store bought whitening kits contain stronger bleaching ingredients than whitening toothpastes and they will whiten your teeth somewhat. That said, they likely won't be as effective as the whitening products available from your dentist.

Whitening kits purchased in stores are typically a 'one size fits all' option. Store bought kits can't offer custom made whitening trays to perfectly fit your teeth.

These products also don't include the added safety of having your dentist monitor your results or possible side effects.

Professional Teeth Whitening

When you choose to have your teeth professionally whitened, your dentist is able to use gels with stronger bleaching agents than those found in store bought whitening treatments, 

Professional teeth whitening can be done in-office or your dental professional may provide you with a whitening kit and detailed instructions for at-home use.

Whitening your teeth under the professional guidance of your dentist can be a safer than using store bought products. Our team of dental professionals is trained to spot and treat any side effects experienced by patients during the whitening process. 

If you're looking to brighten your smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment, contact our office to book an appointment. Your Surrey dentist will be happy to help you to decide which whitening treatment option is most appropriate for your smile and supply you with custom-made whitening trays. 

Possible Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

Speak to your dentist before using any whitening products! The long-term use, (or over-use), of whitening or bleaching products may cause side effects such as tooth abrasion or tooth sensitivity.

If you'd like to discuss teeth whitening options, contact us today to schedule an appointment with your Surrey dentist at Guildford Dental.

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