Botox for Dentistry

It may surprise you, but Botox can be used in dentistry! For our Surrey patients undergoing cosmetic dental procedures to enhance their smiles, Botox treatment can be an added benefit.

The finishing touch on your smile.

Many of our Surrey patients consider Botox as part of an overall facial aesthetic makeover. Now, they can have this non-invasive treatment performed right here in our dental office, eliminating the inconvenience of having to go through two different practitioners.

Botox for Dentistry, Surrey Dentist

How can Botox be used in dentistry?

If a patient's restorative work affects the support of the lips, the anterior tooth and gingival display need to be considered. This is where Botox can come into play.

Botox treatment of the face (and other treatments such as dermal fillers) can be used to restore facial balance after a cosmetic dental procedure. It can also be used to smooth fine lines around the mouth.

Can Botox be used therapeutically?

It can! Botox can be used for patients suffering from conditions like temperomandibular disorders, by helping to ease jaw muscle tension. This can even relieve headaches.

Considering Botox as part of your cosmetic dentistry treatment plan? Our Surrey dentists can help! Contact us today.

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