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Does straightening your teeth with Invisalign hurt?

Does straightening your teeth with Invisalign hurt?

Our dentists at Guildford Dental in Surrey offer Invisalign to help patients achieve straighter, healthier smiles. If you are considering Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you may be wondering if Invisalign's clear aligners hurt.

How do Invisalign aligners feel?

If you're deciding which orthodontic treatment is best for your smile, comfort is bound to be a key factor. Many of our patients who have used Invisalign, describe the feeling of wearing the aligners as slight discomfort that disappears over time, until gradually you don't notice it. 

Think of Invisalign aligners as you would a new pair of shoes; you gradually become more comfortable with how they feel as you continue to wear them. If you find that the aligners cause you some discomfort at first, you should gradually get used to the feeling until it no longer bothers you.

Will it take long to get used to wearing my aligners?

In order to shift your teeth into their corrected positions all orthodontic treatments need to apply a precise amount of pressure on your teeth. That pressure may cause some discomfort. Which means that, no matter which orthodontic treatment you choose, there is going to be an adjustment period as you get used to the feeling.

Those patients who do experience discomfort from their aligners tend to feel it for the first few days after putting in a new set of aligners, then it gradually wears off until changing to the next set of aligners.

Although Invisalign's aligners don't have any metal brackets or wires to rub against the soft tissues of your mouth, you should be aware that the aligners could still irritate your mouth when you first begin your treatment. If you experience discomfort on the inside of your mouth due to the irritation, try to be patient. After a little while, your gums and cheeks will toughen up and the aligners should begin to feel more comfortable.

To discover what Invisalign may be able to do for your smile, contact our Surrey Vancouver dentists at Guildford Dental today, to book a consultation.

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