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Why are dentures needed?

Why are dentures needed?

Missing teeth can lead to a number of health concerns. This is why tooth replacement options like dentures are crucial. Our Surrey dentists talk about the importance of replacing missing teeth and why dentures can be a good choice for this.

What are dentures used for?

Whether you are missing one or more of your teeth, replacing them will be vital to protecting your overall health. Dentures are a common choice for restoring a smile. These tooth replacements are used in cases where your teeth have fallen out, been knocked out or have been removed for medical purposes.

When should dentures be used?

While we typically see representations of older people with dentures, they can be useful for dental concerns affecting people of all ages. Dentures are used for specific issues regarding missing teeth and their use is completely unrelated to the age of the patient. Perhaps you previously considered them only suitable for certain types of patients or seniors. Your dentist will perform a complete examination and speak with you about your needs when determining the best method of tooth replacement for you.

The simplest option for protecting your smile is with ongoing preventive care such as at-home hygiene and professional dental services like exams and cleanings. However, if you have had ongoing issues with your dental health and experienced oral health complications, you may be a candidate for dentures at some point in your life.

Are there different kinds of dentures?

When you have missing teeth, the remaining teeth can shift and bone loss can occur. The only way to avoid this is to replace the missing tooth or teeth. This can be done using any type of denture. If you are unsure of which type of dentures are right for you, you should request a visit to speak with your dentist.

Partial Dentures Can Replace a Few Teeth

Typically constructed from a combination of metal and acrylic, this type of denture is used to replace a minimal amount of teeth, even a single one in some cases.

Full Dentures Can Be Used to Replace All Teeth

If you've lost all of your teeth or had them removed as a preventive measure, your dentist may recommend full dentures to restore the function of your smile. You may also want to ask your dentist about implant-supported dentures for a more secure fit. This type of denture can be either removable or non-removable.

Will dentures require special care?

Just like natural teeth, your dentures will need proper care in order to inhibit the growth of bacteria and the buildup of plaque. This will require ongoing oral hygiene at home and continued professional dental care. Cleaning your dentures daily just like your own teeth will help with preventing plaque from building up.

Are you missing one or more teeth? Contact your Surrey dentists today to learn about our tooth replacement options.

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